Not across ‘Binging with Babish‘ on YouTube yet? I envy you. I truly do. You’ve got a wonderful ocean of content to wade into today.

The man born Andrew Rea has carved out an insane following on the ‘Tube by recreating the outrageous foods from your favourite TV shows and films, and then doing actually incredible-looking versions of them on the off chance that said foods turn out to be utterly inedible.
Previously he’s taken on the likes of ‘Parks & Recreation,’ ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ and ‘Seinfeld,’ but with the fast-approaching premiere date of ‘Game of Thrones‘ seventh season old mate figured what better time than now to take on the culinary delights of ye olde Westeros?
Just as a word of warning though – not that this needed flagging if you’ve seen the show for even a second, but still… – turns out the Food of Ice and Fire is *PROFOUNDLY* not vegan-friendly. It’s a butcher’s paradise, this vidya. If the stomach turns at the sight of animal flesh, we dare say this ain’t for you.
That said, it’s not the easiest watch, even for those of you with strong omnivorous stomachs.
Rea pulls together the towering pie from the blessed Purple Wedding, featuring layers of squab, wild boar, and a whole rabbit. That one actually looks entirely edible, despite being a mess of gamey meats.
But the real stomach-churner is the Dothraki Blood Pie he pulls together from a bunch of pork fat, onions, spices, and a literal pint of pig’s blood.
It’s ah… it’s really something.
The whole thing rounds out with a slightly more palate-cleansing serve of Sansa Stark‘s favourite lemon cakes. Which helps shear the rough edges off the whole shebang, but man.

Binging with Babish.’ The only cooking show ever that could make forest meat pie and blood tart look even remotely appetising.
The dude is a genius, basically.

Source: Binging with Babish/YouTube.