Turns Out The US Hasn’t Had Viennetta For 30 Years & I Guess They Just Eat Dirt On Nan’s Bday

viennetta return US stores

Once again we must pour one out for our mates across the pond, because it turns out they’ve gone nearly 30 whole years without the sacred Fancy Dinner Dessert in the freezer aisle. The Viennetta ice cream cake. But lucky for them, it’s coming back soon.

Imagine having to go the last 30-odd years (that’s since the early 90s) without the promise of a Viennetta cake for the one night of the year when you have guests over and also have to get the good cutlery and plates out? That’s what life has been like for a whole generation-and-a-half of Americans. I weep for the bliss they have not yet experienced.

The big news came in this week – absolutely flooring me, a Viennetta fiend – with the confirmation that the Special Occasions Only dessert in all its wiggly ice cream and cracking chocolate ripple glory is headed back to freezers across the US.

Good Humor, the US version of Streets which shares a logo and consistently weirds me out, is the group responsible for bringing the delectable ice cream cake back in, alongside 24 other new ice cream desserts like Klondike Bars, Popsicles, and Magnum ice creams.

I’m sorry are you telling me right here and now that MAGNUMS haven’t been a staple in ice cream freezers over there? But what the fuck is their fancy servo ice cream on a stick? Have they not had the rite of passage of graduating from a Paddle Pop up to a Magnum Ego???

Regardless of that sheer indiscretion of delicious proportions, this is huge news for Aussie ex-pats currently enduring the United States at the moment and yearning for a little reminder of Australia. Finally, a yummy little taste of home is on the way to your local freezer section. It’s not quite Magnum Ego sticks, but it’s close enough.