Lettuce Eat Salad: Rejoice ‘Cos Prices Are Set To Drop Loads After Months Of Expensive Veg

In great news for everyone craving a crispy little crunch of green stuff, it looks like veggie prices — including lettuce — are finally (finally!!!) falling. No more sad, cabbage-filled KFC Zinger boxes? We are living the dream.

According to the ABC, lettuce prices won’t drop immediately. But honestly, the hope that I’ll soon be able to bite down on an iceberg lettuce without taking out a mortgage is enough to tide me over.

The ABC spoke to Bevan Betros, a greengrocer in Toowoomba. He said iceberg lettuce was “very good value again”.

Never before did I think lettuce updates would bring a genuine tear of joy to my eye.

“[Prices will] get back down as the warm weather comes on, as we get into spring,” he said.

“We should be getting down under $2 again hopefully in September.”

In a similar vein, 9News reported that veggies like broccoli, capsicum and zucchini were dropping in price.

It’s likely ‘cos the weather has been better — shoutout to that gorgeous, gorgeous sun.

Many harvests were absolutely borked by the deluges of rain in essential growing regions. Ms La Niña, I shall be forwarding you my grocery bills.

“We have seen a moderation from the rain, and the crops are in and growing,” Fred Harrison from Melbourne’s Ritchies IGA told 9News.

“Bring on the warm weather because that’s going to continue to help.”

He said lettuce prices were “coming back” with rates of around $7. Frankly, I’m more than happy to pay $7 for a lettuce. As long as I’m not paying $40 to make a single serving of salad I’ll be chuffed.

And look, if you’re wary of veggie prices skyrocketing again, you could always try your hand at growing your own vegetable patch. It’s also incredibly handy if you’re trying to impress the cottagecore girlies on Tinder.