An Ancient Vegemite Jar Has Baffled The Internet With Its Suggestion For A Mite-y Beveragino

A very, very vintage jar of Vegemite has sent the internet into a tizzy ‘cos of its mysterious slew of “serving” “suggestions”.

A bloke posted a pic of an incredibly old jar of Vegemite to the Old Shops Australia Facebook group. According to the post, the man’s dad found the jar on a building site 40 years ago. Now that, my friends, is a family heirloom. The jar is originally from the 1930s, and the label includes a big ‘ol list of uses for the yeastiest of treats.

“Use in sandwiches, soups, stew and gravies,” the packaging read.

Pretty normal so far — though as a self-proclaimed Vegemite hater (sorry) I can never get around that thick brown spread on a sandwich.

However, the next suggestion was a little more bold. A little more esoteric and daring, perhaps. A culinary creation with the power to offend and delight in equal measure.

“Half to one teaspoonful in a glass of hot milk or water makes a nourishing beverage,” the label suggested.

Delicious. Image: Facebook / Cameron Logan

Vegemite??? In milk??? I know this is from ye olde days but surely people still had tastebuds.

The comments on the Facebook post revealed shock and horror, with multiple people questioning the combo of Mite and Milk.

“Anyone for a hot Vegemite milkshake?” one user asked.

No, I certainly am not.

6PR radio host Gareth Parker tried out the yeasty beverage live on radio and it did not go down well.

His concoction included two teaspoons of Vegemite — double the maximum recommended serving suggestion, to be fair.

“Okay, it’s not so bad… Don’t try it at home,” he said.

A mixed review to say the least.

If Vegemite milk isn’t calling to you, you can at least cop a Vegemite roast chook at Coles now.

The roast chooks are “infused” with Vegemite and also feature a cheesy stuffing, which sounds like my personal idea of hell but potentially delicious if you’re a hungover Vegemite fan.

Just don’t mix it with Vege-milk and you’ll be right.