Oi Froth-Lovers: It’s National Beer Day So Uber Eats Is Doing A Cheeky 30% Off Brewskis

We love a silly fun fact here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, and today, we discovered that August 4 is International Beer Day. And to make things even more perfect is that it’s a fucking Friday. So why not treat yourself to a cold one with Uber Eats, who are offering 30 per cent off selected bevvys.

Yep, you heard that right. Uber Eats are offering 30 per cent off selected beers on the app to celebrate the boozy International Day.

Picture this: You’ve just got home from a long shift. It’s Friday, and you’ve kinda just clawed through your working hours, thinking about the glorious weekend you’re about to embark on. As you place your work coat on the rack and glance down at your phone, you discover an early start to your wild weekend. 30 per cent off your fave beers on Uber Eats. So you sit back, relax, and as Dan Andrews proclaimed, you “get on the beers” (responsibly).

But that’s not all Uber is doing for International Beer Day. The company is also attempting to change Canberra’s name to Can-beer-a due to the city’s reputation for being a national “hop spot” for local breweries.

Good luck with that mateys…

As Uber campaigns for the boozy name change, I reckon I’m just gonna use their app and crack open a cold one to celebrate International Beer Day, as well as to pregame for the wild weekend.

I hope Monday is International Chuck A Sickie Day.