Tell Us What You Usually Spend Your Moolah On To Pocket A $250 Uber Eats Voucher

uber eats

Everyone, shut up – I have the talking stick for the next two minutes.

We all know why you’ve gathered here and that would be the sweet, sweet prize of a $250 Uber Eats voucher. What I ask in return is for you to fill out a quick form below, telling us what you spend your money on outside of the boring bills, groceries and general living expenses.

I’m talking nights out, slabs of quality beer – whatever you drop your hard-earned dosh on during the week, let us hear it.

I’ll go first (I’m not allowed to enter the comp so this is purely a favour): I spend an insane amount of money on the discount aisle at Woolies.

Yes, technically that could be counted as groceries, however, I came home with a garden gnome the other day, and I firmly believe a garden gnome does not qualify as groceries.

Good luck and fingers crossed you’re the one to pocket that hefty Uber Eats moula.