4 Deliciously Meaty Taco Recipes That Are All Vego, Baby


Keen for some mouth-watering tacos that will satisfy your Mexican craving sans the meat? Get amongst the plant-based movement with these meat-free dishes while also incorporating a little more greenery into your diet.  

Plant-based tacos are incredibly simple to make and to prove it, we’ve curated our favourite recipes, guaranteed to up your cooking game while helping you preserve the Earth and all of its creatures, too.

Vegan tacos with nut-based meat and pineapple salsa

This dish is as delicious as it sounds and pretty straightforward to make. You’ll need a food processor to combine ingredients to make the nut mince and once that’s done, half of the dish is already complete. Then, throw together the salsa with pineapple, ripe tomatoes, coriander, red onion and lime juice, which provides a rich, tangy flavour to the meal.

However, if pineapples aren’t in season, don’t fret, as mango goes just as well in this tasty salsa. Fry up your tortilla and add a little guac for the finishing touch.

You can view the full recipe here.

Spicy lentil & walnut tacos

Lentils and walnuts provide a hearty, textured flavour, making them the ideal meat substitute, especially when fused together. This hard-shell taco recipe is extremely easy and quick to cook, the perfect meal to enjoy after a long day’s work.

Firstly, you’ll need to cut up the mushrooms and grind the walnuts in a blender so that they become little crumbs. Then fry up some onion and garlic until it’s translucent, then add the rest of the ingredients including the lentils, mushrooms and walnuts, letting the mixture thicken. Finally, Warm up the hard-shell tacos and get creative with the additional fillings.

You can view the full recipe here.

Tempura battered eggplant tacos

If you’re looking for a filling that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, then look no further. These rich, flavoursome eggplants are perfectly balanced with zesty, punchy salsa and creamy mayo dressing.

All you need to do is coat the eggplant, fry it up in a decent-sized pan, then blend and pulse all the salsa ingredients together until it has a smooth texture. For the aquafaba mayo, add all the ingredients to a bowl and use a stick blender to combine, gradually adding olive oil to the mixture. Heat up your tortillas and you’re ready to go.

​​You can view the full recipe here.

Vegan jackfruit tacos

No matter your skill set in the kitchen, this plant-based recipe is incredibly easy to throw together. 

To make this modern upgrade to the humble taco, you’ll need to create a Jamaican Jerk Seasoning by combining a delicious blend of 9 different spices in a bowl, then cooking with garlic, ginger and spring onions until very fragrant. Then all you need to do is add the jackfruit and whip up a mango-avocado salsa. 

You can view the full recipe here.

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