A Dinner Kit Slinging Meals Under $6 Is Launching In Australia Next Week

Hell yes to fresh, home cooked meals.

Nothing compares to them. There’s a smug satisfaction to staying in and making yourself food from real ingredients, especially when the ever-alluring UberEats is a few taps away.

But cooking yourself a meal, especially when you’re cooking for just yourself (forever alone), throws up some issues.

Lots of recipes require spices, ‘erbs and sauces you don’t have lying around. You gotta trek out and buy them, driving the price of a humble ragù up the wazoo.

Rejoice, cheap but diligent pals: the world’s most affordable dinner kit, Dinnerly, is launching in Australia on March 6th.

Dinnerly is a meal kits subscription service, but at a budget-friendly price point. We’re talking real budget-friendly. $5.75-per-meal budget-friendly.

The service will be offering chef-created recipes with market-fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered str8 to your door each week.

When it launches this Tuesday, they’ll be whetting appetites with three delicious recipes before expanding to six (including three vegetarian and three meat options) come April.

We’re talking spaghetti and spicy sausage meatballs, cheesy chipotle beef tacos with shredded cabbage, pan roasted harissa chicken with taters and spinach, cheeseburgers with charred scallion relish & hot chippies, and chicken chili with mixed beans. Get. In. Mah. Belleh.

How it works is simple. You sign up online to a flexi subscription, and every week you’ll get a box of recipes for either 2 or 4 people.

Knowing how inadequate we all are with knives, the recipes (sent direct to your iPhone or the like) have only five easy steps and require minimal chopping, meaning the meals take 20 minutes or less to prepare and cook.

It’s basically food prep for mi goreng-acclimatised monkeys, aka everyone under the age of 30.

Variety is the spice of life, so each recipe will appear on the menu once every six weeks, with ingredients changing with the seasons.

In a press release, Dinnerly execs explains that they’re able to keep costs so low because they offer a fixed weekly menu, cut down on excess packaging and don’t print out recipe cards. Good for the environment, food for your back pocket.

The meal kits will be available in NSW, VIC, QLD and the ACT. Postage is $8.95.

Don’t mind if I do.