This New Trivia Game Will Test Yr Knowledge On All Things Spirits So Give It Ya Best Shot


Friends, it’s getting to that time of year. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting crisper, and the temptation to stay in and rug up is getting even bigger. If you do find yourself at a party or event where the vibe can only be described as insipid as the chicken breast a gym bro cooks for dinner, you’re in luck.

We’ve created a little game called ‘Know Your Sip’ that’ll test your knowledge of all things spirits to whip out. The nifty augmented-reality trivia game covers everything from how the heck tequila is made to the kind of vodka Lorde shouted out on ‘Royals’. If you’ve got a mate who considers themself quite the mixologist, give them a run for their money with this one.

You can access the game here and by scanning QR codes in Dan Murphy’s stores across the country. Once you’ve finished up the game, you’ll be directed to Dan Murphy’s full range of drinks, including the esteemed bottles that won their 2022 Decoded Spirit Awards — which basically celebrated all the best spirits Australia and New Zealand have to offer.


Once you’ve finished up with our spirit game, you can switch things up with our wine trivia game that you can check out here.

Whaddaya waiting for? Mazel Tov, girlies.