A Recipe From Aussie Influencer Sophie Guidolin’s 2016 Cookbook Has Resurfaced & WTF Is This?

A recipe from Aussie influencer Sophie Guidolin‘s 2016 cookbook has resurfaced and it’s honestly so bizarre it has me cackling.

To give you the whole spiel: Guidolin’s recipe for “sweet potato jackets” has been dubbed “bizarre” as it’s simply not a recipe.

The recipe — which appeared in her 2016 cookbook 12 Days Of Christmas, which will set you back $34.95 — contains only four golden steps… it’s just a guide to throwing an unseasoned potato in an oven.

“Preheat a fan-forced over to 180℃. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Place the sweet potatoes on the tray and allow them to bake for 1-1.5 hours until cooked through. Turn the sweet potatoes halfway to ensure an even consistency is achieved,” the recipe reads, per Daily Mail Australia.

Umm, babes… Where’s the jacket part?

According to Guidolin’s website, the fit influencer claimed to have “spent years designing a delicious, healthy menu that would take the stress out of planning what to prepare during the festive season”.

(Image Source: sophieguidolin.com.au)

Judging by the leaked “sweet potato jackets” recipe, I can definitely see that there’s no stress ‘cos it’s literally four steps. However, I’m unsure that it took years to design what is basically a “how to roast veggies” guide. Actually, reflecting on the recipe, it’s more of a baked potato than a jacket.

Again, where’s the jacket???

I think it would be a waaaay better recipe if she actually added unique ways to jazz up potato jackets that would be appealing to her market. But hey, I’m neither her publisher or editor nor target demographic.

In June, Guidolin seemingly debunked a product she was trying to promote in the space of a few hours.

Basically, the influencer was promoting a sleepy hot choccie — a drink “infused with a calming blend of chamomile, dandelion and passionflower” to help with a “healthy sleep routine” — only to post about having a sleepless night a couple of hours later.

Although there was no implication that the sleepy time beverage didn’t work as a sleep supplement nor that the ingredients weren’t effective, it was just simply funny.

Kinda like this recipe that’s also not a recipe.