A Melb Brewery Is Putting Out Official Game Of Thrones Beers So Who’s Keen For A Westerfroth?

In news that’s going to make you shove the head between your knees and heave in some deep ones, Game of Thrones is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month. That’s 10 years since the TV show first went to air. In April 2011. Time is an absolute sonofabitch I tell you what.

And while the inexorable passage of years may trigger the odd existential crises among you, there will soon be a way to shut that annoying part of your brain off while celebrating the big Boobs and Dragons show’s momentous birthday: beer.

Not just any beer, mind. A very special pair of Game of Thrones beers brewed up be Melbourne froth lords Moon Dog in official collaboration with Warner Bros. No nasty cease and desists here! This is the real deal. Officially official.

The quote-unquote “Iron Anniversary” edition beers come in two flavours: a Breaker of Chains chilli and vanilla imperial stout, and a Watchers on the Wall white chocolate imperial white ale.

The former clocks in at a fairly respectable 7.7%ABV, while the latter packs a Mountain-like punch at 9%ABV. So both are more than capable of keeping the blood warm through a long stint on watch.

If that alone weren’t enough, Moon Dog is celebrating their new arrivals with a sprawling Game of Thrones weekend at their massive Moon Dog World venue in suburban Melbourne, during which the actual Iron Throne from the actual series will be on display. Whether or not someone foolishly attempts to claim the throne during this time is entirely up to them and how many tins they’ve sunk to that point.

The Game of Thrones weekend goes down from Friday April 16th until Sunday April 18th. Both beers will be on tap, and a stack of other fun stuff will be on offer as well including burger and dessert specials and the like.

Can’t make it out to Preston to see the big chair for yourself? The Moon Dog Game of Thrones beers will be available in-venue at Moon Dog’s OG location in Abbotsford, as well as online and through all good craft beer yum shops across the land.

Remember, a Lannister always shouts his mates. Or something like that.