The Melb Restaurant Behind TikTok’s Cursed Pasta Jar Replied To Backlash W/ Al Dente Contenté

melbourne pasta jar tiktok reaction

It feels like a minute since we’ve been blessed with some truly crook food, but an Italian restaurant in Melbourne has broken that drought with their truly unholy pasta jars. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect, except so much more cursed.

Barkly’s Kitchen in Brunswick showed off their new menu item this week on TikTok, and it looks like a savoury version of the freakshakes that lived and died in 2016. Touting their offering as “Melbourne’s FIRST Pasta Jars” that will be available when dining out resumes in the city, the restaurant has extremely fired up the internet with this culinary abomination.


Probably Australia’s FIRST Pasta Jar, only at barklyskitchen! #melbourne #fypシ #halal #fyp


At this point, I can’t tell if this is very real, or a massive gee up. Like, this surely isn’t real right? There’s no way this isn’t just a big prank this restaurant has created to try and get people all riled up.

Naturally, people got all razzed up about these (frankly extremely unappealing) mason jars filled with hot, creamy pasta and molten cheese, with some saying they’d pay extra for it to not be served in a jar. Others said it looks “embarrassingly Melbourne”, questioning why it’s even in a jar, and noting that it seems super inconvenient to have it in a jar and not in a bowl.

One TikToker in the comments joked that the Brunswick eatery probably also serve its garlic bread in a shoe, which isn’t a stretch, to be honest.

In response to all the criticism for the pasta jars that probably should have existed in the same timeline as the mid-2010s freakshakes, the restaurant leaned into the chaotic energy and took on the garlic bread challenge.

They put garlic bread in a shoe. The absolute madman did it.


Reply to @martinnguyen30 You asked, we delivered 😋 #barklyskitchen #melbourne #fypシ #halal #fyp

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Well, now I don’t know if this is dumb or unadulterated brain genius behaviour. But what I can tell you is that I’m suddenly craving pasta – in a bowl, though, not a jar that I’d 100% burn my hands on.