Sydneysiders Can Now Order Everything Needed To Make Margaritas & Guac, So That’s Pres Sorted

We’ve all been there: you’ve run out of booze, you’re starving, and you and your mates are bored as fuck, fanging for a cute activity to do together.

Now, thanks to the geniuses at Boozi, you can order everything you need to for homemade margaritas and guac, delivered straight to your door within the hour. The catch is, you need to live in Sydney.

For $40 bucks, you can get half a litre of Tommy’s Margarita Mix with Patrón Reposado tequila and, of source, a salt garnish. That’s enough for four people.

On the guac front, you’ll score two Hass avos, two limes, chilies, chili salt and some fancy-looking corn chips.

Making guacamole is not only easy, but fun too, and if you’re halfway to being pissed it’s a perfect group activity, as long as you’re careful with the knife.

The price does seem a bit exxy, but it ends up at $10 per person which is reasonable compared to bar prices. Of course, you could always buy the ingredients in your own time, but that would require effort and foresight, both of which are in short supply at the moment.

The offer comes courtesy of Wats On Events, which pivoted to drinks deliveries as Boozi when lockdowns were introduced. With cafes and restaurants having closed down over the past few months, Boozi partnered with Aussie avocado farmers to get surplus fruit into as many people’s hands by any means possible.

Because it all happened so suddenly, they have yet to expand to other cities.

This unfortunately means the offer’s only available to people who live with an 15 km radius of Sydney’s CBD for the time being. For those lucky enough to live in the area, orders can be placed from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Now that things are slowly opening up again, that’s pres sorted for the foreseeable future.