US Man Set To Do Incredible Shits After Eating 74 Hot Dogs In Just 10 Mins

A beast more stomach than man has emerged from the mist in America to shatter his own eating world record for eating Hot Dogs by downing a staggering 74 of the sumbitches – bun and all – inside just 10 minutes.

The annual parade of gastronomic excess known as the Nathan’s Famous July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest has taken place under the burning hot New York summer sun at Coney Island in south-west Brooklyn, and once again it has been dominated by perennial champion Joey “Jaws” Chestnut.

Chestnut, a 34-year-old alleged human with a stomach like a TARDIS, rocked up to the famous Nathan’s platform for the annual contest and blew every other competitor out of the water, en route to claiming his 11th career Mustard Championship Belt as winner of the American tradition.

Though ESPN‘s broadcast (you bet your ass they put it on TV) and live judges put Chestnut’s initial total at 64, further officiating ruled he’d actually shoved 74 hot dogs down his simply immense gullet, eclipsing the mark he himself set last year by two whole wieners, and setting a new World Record in the process.

Please to enjoy this harrowing, incredible footage.

Incredible feats of eating aside, how’s the commentary on that?

What Joey is doing for digestion is like what blockchain is doing for computing.” How is that man not lead caller on every sport ever, is what I want to know.

For his efforts, Joey took home a winner’s cheque amounting to USD$10,000, or around $135 per hot dog inhaled.

His preparation for today’s event involved consuming salmon for dinner three days prior to the event, followed up with liquids and a protein shake the day after, before fasting entirely the day before the event.

That’s the mindset of a champion, right there. Whatever it takes.

We’ve heard of eating a W before but this is something else entirely.