Curd Your Loins, Macca’s Is Doing A Range Of Gooey Cheesy Burgies For A Limited Time

It’s quite possible that Macca’s has reached burger nirvana with its newest range because they’ve gone and stuffed your fave burgs with a bonus gooey cheesy pattie to really up the ante on your next Macca’s run. The Cheesy range has two new burgers that feature the molten fried cheese wedge, and the return of those ridiculously yum Mozzarella Sticks.

The new Cheesy range features a Cheesy Beef Burger and a Cheese Chicken Burger, and depending on what you’re hanging for you’ll either get a beef or chicken pattie sandwiched between a bun with tomato chilli jam, lettuce, and a crumbed and fried stringy cheesy pattie. There’s also some kind of mayo happening on there and a slice of the classic Macca’s cheese too. Good lord.

You know what that means? You cant 100% try and do the perfect cheese pull like you’re on Masterchef and Jock’s breathing down your neck.

Macca's Cheesy burgers
Ohh yeah baby, that’s the good shit.

The return of the Mozzarella Sticks is bloody huge too, after they pretty much sold like the morning Hot Cakes when Macca’s popped those cheesy buggers on the menu late last year.

If you’re keen for a lunch/dinner/late-night snack of some heavy cheese business, this is absolutely a cause for a time-honoured Macca’s run, ‘cos the Cheesy range isn’t sticking around forever.

You can cop ’em at your local from 10.30am today, and you can bet your sweet ass I’m gonna hack a burger into just being three cheese patties and extra pickles.