Why People Who Aren’t Terrified Of Carbohydrates Drink Low-Carb Beer

low carb beer

In a world where everyone gives several poops about what they’re inserting into their mouths, low carb bevvies are a thang. And look, as a keto dieter myself (sue me / join the cult), I get being completely terrified of carbs.

But I asked some people (seemed like a fairly viable way to get answers) why they choose the drink, and it didn’t have a whole lot to do with carbs at all. Here’s how they were justifying their decision:

Less bloating: Pretty much everyone I asked credited less bloating for their low-carb beer choice. I mean, it makes sense – from the times I’ve gone down the low-carb beer route, it does feel lighter than your average beer both during and after consumption. Is this real life or is this fantasy? TBC.

So they can have more of them: If you’re having more than one or two, seems like a dandy decision so your tummy doesn’t crunch along the way. Some low-carb beers have less of an alcohol count than their standard counterparts too, meaning you’ll be drinking more responsibly even if you’ve got a hoover mouth. For example, Coopers Dry (low carb) has 4.2% alcohol whereas Coopers Premium Lager has 4.8%.

They genuinely like the taste:
 “Necessary? Is it necessary for me to drink low-carb beer? No. But I do it anyway. Because it’s crisp and I like the taste!Patches O Houlihan* told PEDESTRIAN.TV. No but really, plenty of people drink low-carb beer because they actually believe it tastes better than your average lager. As someone who has dabbled in a shandy once or twice to be able to stomach the brew, I can relate.

It’s a mental thing:
 People legitimately feel better about themselves for choosing low-carb over a regular beer. I can get behind this. While the research knows that low carb beer isn’t that much better, it’s still a better choice, and making better choices is always a good direction to take in life. It’s similar to taking on a high-intensity workout and then smashing a box of pizza. Counterproductive, yeah, but better than no workout at all, you know?

Seems like a better backing up option: If you’re feeling a little rusty from the night before, people have credited low-carb beers in order to hit the refresh button. Summer expectations are so rough sometimes.

*Names have been changed for the sake of communicating pop-cult references effectively.