Here’s The Food You Get When Quarantined In A Hotel, As Told By A Plane Food Connoisseur

Instagram user and serial jet-setter Nik Loukas – a.k.a. the guy behind the Inflight Feed account, which reviews airline meals – isn’t able get on a plane anytime soon.

In fact, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, he’s cooped up quarantining at the Crown Promenade Melbourne after having returned from Qatar.

Instead of dissecting aeroplane food and making it look surprisingly edible, Loukas has now pivoted to reviewing his hotel meals for the next 14 days, and it looks like a pretty decent feed indeed.

“Could be worse,” he said in his Insta story.

“I’m really happy with this room, it’s a lovely little room.”

The meals so far look more like aeroplane food than room service meals, which is probs right up his alley anyway.

They’re nothing super fancy, but every meal comes with a Mars bar and a piece of fruit on the side. Cute.

He’s also got unlimited access to the minibar, minus the booze.

If that weren’t enough, Loukas’ little brother also managed to drop off a care package of snacks and sparkling water, because expensive habits never die.

Loukas is one of the first high-profile personalities to actually enjoy his quarantine quarters, which is a nice change from the handful of people who’ve complained about being put up in a hotel.

And because he’s taken over 600 flights (and clocked up around 1.2 million kilometres of air travel), he knows a thing or two about what makes a meal-to-go good.

A stamp of approval from this connoisseur is probably the highest praise they can get.