It turns out nothing can stop the Easter Bunny from doing his job, not even a government-mandated quarantine as incoming travellers in 14-day isolation awoke to choccy eggs this morning just like the rest of us.

Writer Ben Freeman took to Twitter to share his morning treat, a big ol’ Easter egg with a ‘Unified Security’ sticker on it.

“WE ACKNOWLEDGE THE SACRIFICE AND DEDICATION YOU HAVE MADE. THANK YOU,” the Unified Security sticker reads. Personally, I feel like “Happy Easter” would’ve been suffice, but this works too.

Why do I feel like I’ve just sold my soul to the devil and am now a member of Unified Security’s army of Stormtroopers?

Honestly, this seems like the *exact* thing our mums warned us not to do as children. Don’t take candy from strangers, especially when they’re acknowledging the “sacrifice” you’ve made.

It’s a strange world we’re living in right now, but somehow we still manage to find new, innovative ways to take it to a next level of fucked.

At first, this seems like some weird dystopian shit, but upon further thought, I think it’s actually quite sweet. Considering the meals provided to people in these quarantine hotels have been less than gourmet, getting an Easter egg as a little treat seems like a nice way to bring a bit of normalcy to the otherwise fucked up situation we’re currently living in.

Unified Security is the silver lining to this otherwise dull cloud.

Freeman seemed to enjoy the little treat, and is now particularly fond of our new overlord Unified Security.

“When I opened the door to see the egg, it was initially very cute and thoughtful. However when I read the note, I suddenly felt a complete urge to commit my life to Unified Security. Suddenly everything became clear. On one of the years holiest days, I found my higher power,” he told Junkee.

Other Twitter users have shared their hotel quarantine eggs, but unfortunately it appears the Unified Security Bunny (a real animal, I swear) didn’t want to thank them for their sacrifices.

Image: Twitter / Ben Freeman