Just Gonna Say It: Hot Cross Buns Should Be A Year-Round Treat And Not Just A Seasonal One

hot cross buns year round supermarkets

Christmas has come and gone which can only mean one thing: supermarkets are rolling out the next lot of seasonal snacks months in advance. December 26 is known for two things in Australia, test cricket and the day hot cross buns hit shelves. And like clockwork people took to social media to sook about the early (read: very normal) arrival of Easter treats.

So here’s an idea — why don’t we just have hot cross buns in stores all the time and be done with this boring seasonal argument once and for all?

I put it to you that there is genuinely no downside to having those delicious, sweet and spicy buns available to us year-round. Like, imagine being able to pop down the shops in the thick of winter, pick up a six-pack of HCBs and take them home for a warm, buttery, toasted treat. It would be simply unreal.

It’s not a foreign concept, either. Coles trialled putting hot cross buns on shelves full-time back in 2019 and the only reason why they’re not still doing it is because of in-store baking capabilities. Surely they were selling well outside of the normal HCB seasonal time (Boxing Day to just after Easter) because who would say no to having a steamy, spicy buttered bun all year round?

Now Clarky here is on the money. Not only having HCBs available all the time but eggnog too. A perfect pairing that we simply do not get enough time with, if you ask me. The eclipse of the eggnog and hot cross bun seasons is really only the last week or so of December, which is — quite frankly — fucking illegal.

If there’s anything I want to wish for when we blow out the candles on the world’s birthday (January 1) it’s to have the most delicious seasonal treats (hot cross buns and eggnog) available for me, a simple fool, to buy and eat whenever the fuck I want.