Onya Legends: Harris Farm Markets Products Will No Longer Have Artificial Colours From Today

harris farm markets grocery shopping artificial colours

Harris Farm Markets has announced it will be separating itself even further from its competition by completely eliminating all artificial colours from products sold. Your turn, Woolies.

Have you ever walked through your local grocery store and thought that everything looks very… colourful? Sauces are red, peanut butter is a caramel colour and Vegemite is darker than the souls of men.

Well, Harris Farm Markets is putting an end to unnecessary artificial colours, which really only serve to make things look more visually appealing to our eyes.

“For the past five years we have been working with our suppliers to find new methods of production if needed and alternative ingredients if required,” said Harris Farm Markets Co-Chief Executive Tristan Harris said in a statement.

“Now, our pasta sauces, dips, juices, peanut butter, cookie dough, curry pastes, chocolates, soups, noodles and even orange juices, just to name a few, are all free of artificial colouring.”

Iconic stuff. Love your work, king.

The official change will be kicking off on February 20, which according to my notes (the Gregorian calendar) is today! This means that from now, no matter which of the 27 Harris Farm Markets stores in NSW or Queensland you pop your little head into for an alleged “quick shop”, you won’t find a single artificial colour.

This push from Harris Farm Markets seeks to encourage shoppers to embrace the natural state of foods and their colours instead of falling for a man-made idea of “perfection”. It’s a similar approach I took to men I met while single, encouraging them to embrace me and all my flaws instead of looking for the perfect cucumber (which doesn’t exist!).

“Anything artificial colours can do, nature can do better,” said Harris.

Brands looking to sell at Harris Farm Markets in the future will need to comply with the new rules or beat it. Hopefully, this change inspires brands and other grocery stores to take note and snuff out artificial colours entirely.

All it takes is one domino in the big line to make a change. One giant Harris Farm-shaped domino.