It has come to my attention that Harris Farm Markets, the mildly-chaotic fresh produce grocery that has oodles of stores around Sydney and NSW, has started doing deliveries in Melbourne. Finally, after long last, I can get my weird Imperfect Picks wonky fruit and vegetables brought right to my doorstep.

If you’ve never experienced it, Harris Farm Markets is a chain of fresh produce stores that kicked off in western Sydney in the 1970s. Entirely family owned and operated, the stores focus on selling sustainable fruits and veggies while they’re in season, and will sell the supermarket-grade (read: aesthetically appealing) stuff as well as all the weird-looking produce that usually gets wasted.

There’s now over 25 stores across Sydney and NSW, and two stores in QLD, and now Harris Farm is delivering produce to Melbourne. Which can only mean one thing to me: the Harris family is sniffing out the potential of finally setting up a brick and mortar store down here in Victoria.

To which I say: do it. It’s high time we got the chance to experience the true chaos of one-stop shop where we can buy a banana-shaped zucchini for 30c, a warm, fresh sourdough paine de casa, and two wedges of cheese that we can’t pronounce and accidentally cost half our weekly rent.

It’s been too long since I’ve gotten lost in the rabbit warren of Broadway shopping centre’s lower ground carpark while an old guy who works there tries to sell me an entire tray of blueberries for $30. I miss the days of getting there right on time when they put out cut up bits of fresh bread with the chain’s own brand of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Apparently it has a fishmonger now and I miss it.

Oh and a word of advice for Melburnians keen to get in on the delivery of the goods from Harris Farm – they sometimes do quantities by weight, not by individual products. This is how I once ended up with a kilo of cucumbers instead of the two (2) cucumbers I asked for.

So if you want to cop yourself a delivery of weird lookin’ fruit and veg, and maybe some other little pantry treats , you can pop in an online order over on the Harris Farm website. Economy delivery’s free for orders over $120 (it’s $5 otherwise) and if you make your oder by 11am, you should get it the following day.

Image: Harris Farm Markets