Here’s All 45 Aussie Restaurants That Scored Their First Good Food Chef Hat This Year

If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, then the annual Good Food Awards are probably up there with your most-anticipated time of the year. It’s the week where we find out what food joints, bars, and restaurants around the country are bestowed with a chef hat and folks, this year absolutely has not disappointed.

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We also love to get around the fancy new places that are deemed good enough to cop a Good Food Chef Hat – and we also know that if we don’t move fast, these places are going to be chockas full of punters before the month’s out.

Basically it’ll look like this:

By my count – and please, I may be wrong here – there were a total of 46 restaurants that copped a chef hat this year, with three (3) of those landing not one but two hats. Now that’s fancy.

I could list everything out for you here, but that wouldn’t make you hungry as hell. So instead, I did the digging and found as many of the delicious-looking dishes that are being slung at each of the newly-hatted spots. Get ready to take notes for your next fancy-ass dinner or date night, folks.

Starting off with the new double-hatters, there’s Chef’s Table At Kisumé in Flinders Lane in Melbourne city, which serves up some of the prettiest Japanese food I think I’ve ever bloody seen.

The Chef’s Table seats only 12 for exclusive bookings with one dedicated chef, and looks frankly incredible.

Staying in Melbourne, Di Stasio Citta on Spring Street has scored itself a two-hat situation, and even just by looking at the simple Italian dishes I can tell this one’s very well deserved for the St Kilda sister site.

Plus anywhere that features brutalist architecture and glows with bright red accents is good as hell to me.

Finally, a place that’s been open for a hot second, seats ten, has a don’t-argue menu, and is run by two people has copped a two-hat accolade. Joy in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley has landed itself the huge kudos early in its life, and you can bet your ass I want to go there immediately.

Now for all those who scored one chef hat for the very first time. This is where you plan all your future dates so you can eat your way across all the award-winners and also look like you know exactly what you’re talking about when flirting and/or getting smarmy about fine dining.

Chairman & Yip, ACT


Alberto’s Lounge, NSW

Arthur, NSW

Bea, NSW

Bennelong Cured & Cultured, NSW

Bistecca, NSW

Don Peppino’s, NSW

Gaku Robata Grill, NSW

Ms.G’s, NSW

One Penny Red, NSW

Pipit, NSW

Arc Dining, QLD

Donna Chang, QLD

Golden Pig, QLD

Greca, QLD

Honto, QLD

Labart, QLD

Little Valley, QLD

Restaurant Dan Arnold, QLD

Sum Yung Guys, QLD

Fino, SA

Herringbone, SA

Salopian Inn, SA

Black Cow Bistro, TAS

Agostino, VIC

Cape, VIC

Estelle, VIC

Etta, VIC

Harley & Rose, VIC

Hoggett Kitchen, VIC

Kazuki’s, VIC

Napier Quarter, VIC

Navi, VIC

Rare Hare, VIC

Arimia, WA

Island Market, WA

Le Rebelle, WA

Madalena’s, WA

Manuka Woodfire Kitchen, WA

Propeller, WA

Young George, WA

Hmm seems like that’s only 45, I think. Let me personally give my own, definitely-not-a-chef hat to Lobbs in Brunswick, VIC for easing off many of my gross hangovers, and making a hell of a bloody mary.