DM Your Gluten-Free Mates Immediately Cos Coeliac Tim Tams Just Hit Supermarket Shelves

Gluten free Tim Tams aren't just a figment of our coeliac friends' imaginations anymore with the new recipe recently hitting shelves.

Gluten free Tim Tams aren’t just a figment of our coeliac friends’ imaginations anymore with the new recipe recently hitting supermarket shelves. If I buy a packet, can I technically claim it on tax as a work-related expense? Either way, nobody tell the tax office.

Tassie-based TikToker Hannah (@han_fitzy) shared the good news to her followers on Thursday and the video quickly gained traction among Australia’s wheat, barley and rye despisers.

“I went to three places, I found them. They were fully stocked,” said a delighted if not slightly out-of-breath Hannah after a mad dash through Woolies.

Filming herself in her (parked) car consuming the goodies, she described their scent as “the same [as their gluten-filled counterparts], and their taste as also “the same … what the fuck”.

Hannah also confirmed there were seven in a pack which, at the price point of $5.50, is an indictment on how cooked shrinkflation has become.

This is especially true when this number is compared to a pack of regular Tim Tams which contain 11 biccies and cost $4.50.

Cozzy livs at it again.

Unsurprisingly, the gluten free gang turned up in the comments and it was genuinely heartwarming stuff.

“I’ve been diagnosed since I was 4.. I’ve never had a timtam I AM SO EXCITED,” wrote one TikTok commenter.

“LIFE CHANGING I have a nut allergy and the gluten free stuff is usually nut free too!! I’ve never had a timtam in my life,” penned another.

“The double checking after the first bite is such a mood, must be good,” noted a third.

We’re actually so stoked for this development.

It’s common knowledge that gluten free food is often ~not~ the tastiest to put it mildly.

It’s honestly high time the big brands got involved and made their most popular products edible for the coeliac crew.

The situation got so bad, PEDESTRIAN.TV even dig a mini-investigation attempting to pinpoint why this type of grub was so average, which you can read here.