Cop A Gander At This Flat-Pack Cocktail Bar That Goes From Box To Hoon In Under 10 Mins

flat-pack cocktail bar isoking

For those of us who are not quite vibing the idea of going back to a busy bar or packed pub, but don’t quite have enough space at home for your own little booze setup, you’re gonna be stoked about this. A flat-pack bar that you can whip together in under 10 minutes, even if you have a working hatred for furniture that comes unassembled.

The brain geniuses over at new pre-batched cocktail company Batch & Bottle have collaborated with Sydney furniture collective IsoKing to set the bar – so to speak – for at-home booze setups that don’t take up a whole corner of a room if you don’t need it to.

isoking flat pack cocktail bar
Well, I love it. [Image: Supplied]
It’s got everything you need to make your next dinner party feel a bit fancy and give you space to whip up a delicious cocktail (read: fruit tingle). It’s got plenty of rack space to pop your bottles, side hooks to hang bar towels or other bits on, adjustable rails to hang cocktail glasses from, and a bunch of shelf space for other bits like a basket of fruit or other garnishes.

Plus, the top of the bar is a food-grade chopping board, so you can slice up your fancy bits right there on the top.

It comes up to about waist height, so there’s very little chance you’ll be hunched over while prepping up bulk cocktails for your mates this summer. Hell, flick a tea towel over your shoulder and you might actually impress your parents when they finally come visit your house after all this time apart.

isoking flat pack cocktail bar
[Image: Supplied]
These flat-pack cocktails bars will set you back a princely $600 from the Batch & Bottle website (but if you move quick you could nab one for its $300 launch price).

So if you haven’t splurged all your tax time money just yet – and you’ve been wondering whether you can ever fit a whole-ass bar in your one bedroom apartment you’re paying through the nose for in rent – maybe consider this a little treat for yourself and all your future house parties, dinner parties, Saturday afternoons, pre-drinks, and any other time you feel a deep need to step behind the bar.

I guess if you really want to get your money’s worth from this thing you could put some cute plants on it when you’re not pretending to be a master mixologist? Just a thought.