WATCH: A World Class Bartender On Everything You Gotta Know About Tequila

Tequila can get a bad rap – for some of us, it conjures memories of needing to mask a cheap bottle with a lick of salt and a mouthful of lime, or worse still, with orange juice and grenadine – but it’s actually an incredibly versatile spirit.

But don’t take our word for it: Dan Murphy’s House of Discovery event next month will lead you down the agave garden path – tequila is made from agave plants, native to Mexico, that look like but are not cacti – with a little help from World Class bartender, Charlie Ainsbury. The Dan Murphy’s spirit ambassador, founder of acclaimed Oxford Street cocktail bar, This Must Be The Place, assumed major Talking Heads fan, and two-time Aussie Bartender of the Year (what a mouthful) has the (ice-)scoop on how to serve up a primo tequila, and what us tequila n00bs should be ordering at the bar.

Depending on the premium tequila you choose – a clear, unaged blanco; a yellow-coloured reposado, aged between 20 days and 11 months; or a brown-coloured anejo, aged for over a year – you can cobble together all sorts of fancy-as cocktail creations. And a classy cocktail is just the kind of lavish lifestyle treat we bloody well deserve after a long ‘n stressful week.

Are you a budding tequila connoisseur ready to learn more? Ainsbury, armed with 14 years bartending experience, curated the entire booze list for Dan Murphy’s House of Discovery interactive pop-up in Sydney, set to inspire you to make on-trend cocktails from the comfort of your own home on March 9 & 10.

Grab a ticket over HERE. (There’ll also be VIP night on Thursday, March 8 for My Dan Murphy’s members. Not one of those? Sign up HERE.)