Ever wanted to know what your fave bangers taste like? Yeah, I didn’t think I did either. I mean, surely any Daft Punk song would taste like absolute chaos, right?

Well your dreams that you didn’t realise you had are about to come true, as Japanese company Nomura have developed a juicer that analyses music and creates juices from what it’s essentially “heard”.
Called Squeeze Music, the machine looks at all the data of a song, dissects the vibes and ~feelings~ of the track, and then creates a juice that reflects these feels levels.
The software sorts the vibes into five different potential categories (happy, exciting, romantic, sentimental, and sad) and converts them into flavours (sweet, sour, astringent, salty, and bitter).
So a Beyoncé song might taste sweet and astringent, like a summery tropical number, and the entire Lana Del Ray catalogue would probably taste like you’ve smashed your face into a tray of grapefruits and Himalayan pink rock salt.
The team at Nomura have claimed that the machines would be great to have at festivals, as it could pick up whatever music is playing on the nearest stage and convert it into a clip. I wonder what Deafheaven would taste like.
Check out the video of the machine in action below, to see how different tracks produce a unique bevvy for music fans to slurp on.
Can’t wait to see these eventually cropping up at festivals across summer.
Photo: Fox.