Sydney Chicken Icon El Jannah Is Opening New Digs In North Sydney & Gimme That Garlicky Nectar

El Jannah
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Friends, for the love of sweet garlicky Jesus, the chook lords at El Jannah are blessing us Sydney folk with its first charcoal chicken hot spot north of the bridge. Mmm, I can taste the excitement already.

Dropped right in the thick of it in Crows Nest, the new chook shop will sling out that famous garlicky toum, tabouli, hot chippies, Lebanese bread, pickles, coleslaw, burgers, rolls, salads, crispy fried chicken and of course, its famous charcoal chicken, to punters from March 2.

The iconic institution started popping up over 25 years ago and has debatably become the best chicken shop in town, with over 20 stores across New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT — and as a Queenslander, all I have to say is, lucky bastards.

El Jannah Sydney

The humble chicken shop is expected to have around 50 stores in Australia by mid-2025, and El Jannah, if you’re reading this, I demand you come to QLD next, pls. I’ll be first in line.

Since I’ve never been blessed enough to wrap my gob around an El Jannah feed, I asked my Sydney colleagues about their succulent experiences. “Honestly, just lock me in the toum tomb and throw away the key,” cried one, “The first time I tried El Jannah was like being introduced to actual good chicken”, claimed another. Big claims, but after everyone singing their praises and a quick scroll through El Jannah’s Instagram, I think I’ll be making the long and arduous journey to Sydney.

Anyways, it’s said that the big grand opening will be chockers with “mouthwatering dishes, warm hospitality, and the unmistakable ambience that defines El Jannah”, according to the owners. So if you’re north of the bridge from March 2 onwards, why not pop in and treat yourself?

You can check out El Jannah’s full menu here ahead of the Crows Nest opening.