If you’ve ever had the luck to get some of the garlic toum from El Jannah in and around your face, you know how much of a precious commodity it is. But you’ll also be bloody stoked to know that for this weekend you can cop yourself some of the limited edition, supercharged, extra-garlicky, absolutely-knock-your-socks-off sauce from arguably the best Lebanese chook cooks in Sydney.

The fowl players from the Sydney institution are slinging All TOUMyself, the amped-up version of their iconic garlic sauce, out of five of its stores through Menulog this weekend, which means that yep you don’t have to leave the house to absolutely wreck yourself on an absurd amount of garlic, probably ruining any chances of smooching anyone ever again but hey, it’s bloody worth it.

I had some of this turbo El Jannah sauce on a chippie earlier and I suddenly realised that I was either about to die of happiness or be immune from cases of flu for at least the next 20 years. The first was instant, it’s like someone’s kicked you in the face with giant garlic cloves on their feet, but in a good way. The second part I’ll have to report back when flu season rolls around again.

Cop yourself some of El Jannah’s limited edition All TOUMyself garlic sauce (or some of the spicy version, if you want a double-tap of heat with your chook and chips) from Menulog until Sunday and cancel all dates for the rest of forever – unless they’re a garlic fiend too and then in that case, marry them immediately.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be over in the kitchen, eating the stuff by the spoonful.

Image: Facebook / El Jannah