El Jannah, Undisputed Kings Of The Charcoal Chook, Is Opening A Drive-Thru In Western Sydney

Well holy shit, a shining beacon of light amongst the shitheap that is 2020 is the news that El Jannah is opening a drive-thru charcoal chook in Sydney’s west. Right in the heartland of the Lebanese-style bird empire, the team at El Jannah is launching its first-ever walk-in AND drive-thru eatery from August 8.

Dropped right in the thick of it in Smithfield, the new charcoal chook shop will sling out that famous garlicky toum, pickles, rolls, skewers and the newly-launched fried chicken to punters in their cars.

The new location will forever alter the sacred Sydney pilgrimage of an El Jannah run, and put some fierce competition up to the other bird institution – Frangos – which recently opened a drive-thru as well.

el jannah drive thru
TOUM 2 GO, HELL YES. (Image: Facebook)

The doors (and driveway?) of the brand new store will be kicked open on August 8, and will be dishing up all your fave feeds from a quarter charcoal chook right up to a full family meal, fried chook, shawarma, skewer platters, hot rolls, chook burgers, falafel plates, and all the drool-worthy sides.


If you know, you know.

El Jannah’s first venture into the drive-thru world can be found at 3/16 Smithfield Rd, so you’ll be able to cop a chicken feed right to your car and then keep scooting on over to Prospect Reservoir for a nice little lunch if you want.

Oh, and if you’ve experienced an El Jannah opening before, those things can get a bit wild. Please make sure you’re keeping safe and keeping your distance from others. We don’t want to see people losing their cool and breaking social distancing just to get their hands into some of that delicious toum. Ease up turbo, there’s plenty for everyone.