As a Petersham local, it is my great honour to annouce the following news: our beloved Frangos have made history this week, by opening up Straya’s first ever drive-thru charcoal chicken joint. Add it to the history books, and find the mother funking keys.

The drive-thru location is over at south-west Sydney’s Edmondson Park. No need to wait, this Portuguese miracle is already open, 10am ’till late (I didn’t mean to rhyme but I’m going with it). It also includes EVERYTHING on the menu that the dine-in stores do, plus a couple of cheeky additions.

Frangos has been a family run western Sydney charcoal chicken institution since ’89. They are known for their *chefs kiss* piri piri portuguese chicken, medium fries servings that could feed small countries and dat less than friendly service we have all come to know and love.

A drive-thru Fragnos is a big win for many reasons, but most importantly you can fill the Frangos’ sized hole in your heart (and tum-tum) whilst remaining socially distant during the Covid times. Cause, like, have you seen the line for Frangos? If we spread everyone 1.5m apart it would quite litereally wrap around the Earth’s circumfrence. I’ve spent more time with people in the line than I have with boyfriends.

March of the Franguins.

This is Frangos sixth store, the other locations being the OG in Petersham, Bella Vista, Smithfield, Penrith, and Gregory Hills – which is temporarily closed due to the recent Corona spike in the area. (Sorry, this was such a happy article until now).

Time to skkkkrrrt skrrrt on down, Sydney folk. Beep @ me if you see me in the line.