Syd Stitched Up By Fake News That Iconic Chook Shop Frangos Is Delivering

There are few stitch-ups that are guaranteed to get a Sydneysider riled up. One of them is to make up a news story suggesting beloved Portuguese chicken institution Frangos was going to start delivering food.

For those unfortunate enough to live in cities and regions with lesser chicken offerings, Frangos stands next to El Jannah as top-tier slingers of primo chook. Their original outlet is in Petersham, though they also have locations in Bella Vista, Penrith and Smithfield 
The ordering process is much akin to approaching the patriarch of an organised crime family – you give respect, you get respect. Approaching the counter at Frangos without a rigorously memorised knowledge of your intended order is a death sentence. It is the height of disrespect. To approach without knowing your order reveals a serious moral defect, which Frangos staff are more than willing to point out to you – either through sharp words or a glare that could wilt a cactus.
So when someone set up a Facebook page called ‘Frango’s Delivery Service’ – promising a world where the delicious chicken, chips and chili sauce would be offered without approaching the holy site itself, it obviously set Sydney ablaze:
It probably would have been easy enough to, you know, call the restaurant and see if the post was real. Which many customers did, and were told that it was a hoax. Nonetheless, a few outlets like Hit 104.1 and Concrete Playground were stitched up.
The page is now headered with a trollface, and they’re sharing the glowing coverage:
One thing is certain from all this: good chook is earned, not given. If you want Frangos, you must swelter in the queue, your eyes stinging with the billowing black charcoal smoke, your heart full of respect and the tiny order slip clutched in your fist like a sacred text. It is known.
Photo: Instagram / sydneycitylifestyle.