El Jannah Is Officially Opening In Melbourne So Lock Me In The Toum Tomb & Yeet The Key

el jannah melbourne drive-thru

At long last, one of the only things I truly miss about living in Sydney is making the leap down to Victoria. Western Sydney’s finest chook n’ garlic toum, El Jannah, is crossing the border and headed to Melbourne with a brand new eatery – the first in the state.

The kings of the charcoal chook locked in a new space in Preston in late 2020, and Broadsheet has reported that we Melburnians will get a taste of that delicious Lebanese food later on this year.

I genuinely can’t explain how excited I am for El Jannah to be down here – I definitely made specific trips out to Western Sydney to get around those freshly-made falafels when I lived there. And after I moved to Melbourne, the business expanded out to Newtown, which was a personal crime to me and my stomach.

El Jannah’s team have secured the old Hungry Jack’s High St location in the inner north suburb of Preston, which means it’s all set up for a drive-thru moment, too. Hell yes mates that means we don’t even have to get OUT of the car to get a bullshit-good feed.

Honestly just lock me in the toum tomb and throw away the key.

Though we don’t have a confirmed date of when the El Jannah team will fling those Melbourne doors open (to me standing there first in line, no doubt), it’s projected that the Preston store will open in late 2021.

The chain has already said they’re looking further north for a second location already, so Melbourne is about to be spoiled rotten with mouth-watering charcoal chicken and all the trimmings really bloody soon.

Between this and Five Guys landing in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney soon, my guts are going to both love and hate me at the same time. I can’t wait to stuff chippies and that god damn toum in my gob asap.