Avocados Are The Cheapest They’ve Been In 18 Months So Now’s The Time To Invest (In Brunch)

Avocado prices

If you’re keen to invest in a delicious homemade brunch, now is the time to stock up on avocados, apparently.

According to grocery comparison app Frugl, both Hass and Sheppard avocados dropped to as low as $1 each midway through 2021, which is the cheapest they’ve been in 18 months. Currently, they’re hovering around the $1.50 mark at Coles and Woolies.

“Frugl’s Avocado Index has found that we’ve been paying upwards of $5 right down to just $1 recently for the humble avocado, and now is the time to put avocados back on the menu at home,” the app’s CEO Sean Smith said in a statement.

“With many restaurants and cafes coming in and out of lockdown over the past 18 months, our insights at Frugl demonstrate that the bumper harvest of Australian avocados being diverted to supermarkets has led to reduced prices for consumers to recreate their favourite meals at home.”

We first reported on this blessed avocado glut towards the start of the pandemic, but since then, prices have dropped even lower.

Prices of avocados
This is a VERY SERIOUS graph. (Supplied)

It’s worth noting that prices do appear to be on a bit of an upward swing, so the bargains might not be around much longer.

Insider tip: if you want to stock up right now, you can prolong the shelf life of your avos by keeping them in the vegetable crisper of your fridge. Thank us later.

After all we’ve been through in the past few weeks, it’s nice to have some good news and know that this most versatile of fruits has our backs.

Home ownership may be more out of reach for young Aussies than ever, but at least we will always have our smashed avo.