I’m Still Emotionally Recovering After Watching A TikToker Make Pizza Bases From Canned Chicken

It’s rare to experience such a visceral reaction to watching a recipe vid on TikTok. However, a TikToker has made us feel all the things by transforming canned chicken into a pizza base. I’m horrified AND intrigued.

Jackie Hartlaub admins the @lowcarbstateofmind TikTok page. As a passionate consumer of pasta myself, I am already deeply offended by the lack of carbohydrates in that account’s handle.


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“I always forget that you can take a can of chicken and turn it into a really yummy, high-protein pizza crust,” Jackie begins.

Before we go any further into analysing this video I think it’s important to mention something.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions when it comes to making pizza bases out of canned chicken. However, it is simply my opinion that this is one of the most offensive crimes against tastebuds you could ever perpetrate.

The next thing we gotta do is hit pause on canned chicken label. The label says it contains “chunk chicken breast with rib meat in water” which is truly the stuff of nightmares.

Also, why not called it “chunky”? Why “chunk”? Are we paying by the letter here? SO many questions and so few answers to the mystery that is canned chicken.

Jackie goes on to add an egg, parmesan cheese, basil, oregano and an entire lifetime’s worth of bad vibes into the bowl.

She caps off the video by telling us it was “so good”. I simply don’t believe her. Jackie, blink three times if you need assistance.

Finally we must address the comments section.

There’s a lot of amazement/disgust/confusion from people living outside America about the existence of canned chicken.

I wanted to join with everyone else until I found out a horrible fact. Embarrassingly, Australia also has canned chicken.

Looks like we’re back to square one then. What a journey!