Hang Onto Yr Soft, Seeded Buns: US Burger Chain Five Guys Has Opened In The Middle Of Syd

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The day is here — cult-fave American burger chain Five Guys has opened in the heart of Sydney.

After a successful run in Penrith in the western suburbs, the burgie giant has swung open the doors to the first inner-city joint. Forget every other burger, the ultimate dirty burg has landed in the CBD.

The announcement of the new store landed earlier this year, and now it’s actually open and ready for our hungry tums to visit.

Australia’s second Five Guys shop has opened smack bang in the middle of George Street — right near the Apple Store and across the road from The Strand Arcade — and will be open from 11am to 10pm daily.

The spot has been revamped and decorated with the burger chain’s red and white colour scheme so you’ll be hard-pressed to miss it.

Absolutely huge news for those of us who want a no-fuckin’-around diner-style burger that doesn’t pretend to be any fancier than it is.

It’s not just burgers on the menu either. There are freshly-cut chippies, hotdogs, (American-style) sandwiches and shakes on the simple line-up of delicious bites.

The whole menu is able to be chopped and changed around, too. That means you can literally make up your own creations using the menu as a blueprint for all your fucked-up food dreams. It’s truly the best.

Fans across the world have spent years building and finessing unique meals. The best of the best (read: the most ordered) creations are part of the Five Guys’ secret menu.

In there you’ll find things like the patty melt, nacho fries, burger bowls, the veg BLT and the “animal style” burger — a sneaky nod to another US burger chain that’s yet to make the leap to Australia despite doing several pop-ups over the years.

Ok so now there are two Five Guys stores in NSW, I think it’s high time the burger chain takes a wee trip down the Hume highway and opens up a spot in Melbourne.

Please, my five guys, all I want is to close my eyes and pretend I’m back in the States while I hoover down a dirty burg and a massive shake.