WOO: Cadbury’s First Eco-Conscious Choc Packaging Is Dropping Here In Aus & Break Me Off A Bit

Rejoice my eco-friendly chocolate fiends and friends, for Cadbury is finally releasing its new eco packaging. No more green recycling bin. Chic purple bins only.

The new packaging — which you’ll find on Dairy Milk, Old Gold and Caramilk choccy blocks — is 100 per cent recyclable, according to News.com.au. Plus it’s made with up to 30 per cent recycled material.

A guilt-free sweet treat? That’s what I’m looking for. Save the turtles and also my sad little tastebuds.

You can’t just whack your Cadbury wrappers in your home bin though: they’re recyclable through a program called REDcycle. Slightly frustrating, but deffo better than nothing.

According to Cadbury, there’s REDcycle bins at a ton of Aussie supermarkets.

The point of the new packaging is to promote the “circular economy” for plastic packaging waste.

While Cadbury wrappers were already recyclable (who fkn knew!) the new recycled packaging means the company also has to source less plastic in the first place. It’s the ciiiiiiiiiircle of life-slash-plastic.

Cadbury’s manufacturer Mondelēz International announced it’d be moving towards packaging made with up to 30 per cent recycled materials back in 2021.

The company’s Australia, NZ and Japan president Darren O’Brien said the new packaging was a “world first” at the time.

“Not only is this a world first for Cadbury, but Cadbury in Australia will be amongst the first anywhere in the world to buy recycled content soft plastic packaging,” he said. 

“We’re setting new ground in finding solutions to meet the National Packaging Targets and the broader global challenges presented by packaging waste.”

Aus is actually one of the first countries to score the new wrappers and they’ll be hitting shops throughout this week. We’re trendsetters, what can I say!

Mondelēz CEO Dirk Van de Put gave some details on the stunning new purple sheaths. He explained soft plastic packaging was originally considered “single-use”, but that’s recently changed.

“The development of advanced recycling technology and our significant investment in recycled soft plastic means it’s now possible for Cadbury fans to enjoy their favourite treats more sustainably here in Australia,” he said, per News.com.au. 

The packaging uses around 120 tonnes of recycled plastic which at the mo is sourced overseas. But the company hopes it’ll be able to recycle soft plastic back into food packaging right here in Aus soon.

Let’s fkn gooooooo!

Maybe Cadbury could release some very fun, special green packaging to shake things up too? Really hammer home those eco-credentials.