Brumby’s Are Shoving Sticky Date Hot Cross Buns In The Oven This Year

In the words of renowned poet and aural artist, Sir Mix-A-Lot, we don’t want none, unless you got buns, hun.

More specifically, hot cross buns.

Because when it comes to seasonal holiday foodstuffs, the humble hot cross bun is unbeatable. You cannot top the scent of a dozen glazed domes of supreme spiced softness wafting through the house. Watching a knob of butter melt and caress the carefully toasted innards of a HCB is akin to a religious experience. (Some say it’s the reason Jesus bothered coming back in the first place.)

Strayan bakery chain Brumby’s deliver packs of the buns to us mere mortals every Easter, but this year they’re upping their offering. In 2018, they will be slinging scrumptious Sticky Date Hot Cross Buns.

“We are proud to introduce our new Sticky Date Hot Cross Bun,” Brumby’s Bakery brand manager Tom Elliot said in a statement.

“Created from the same recipe as our well-known and loved Traditional Hot Cross Bun, we’ve added juicy dates and caramel pieces, and topped it off with a sticky caramel glaze to come up with a flavour profile that we think is a match made in heaven.”

These angelic buns of lusciousness are available in store now.