Macca’s Are Releasing Bottled Big Mac Sauce Again & You Could Get It First

Did you know that McDonald’s have been slinging out Big Macs with Special Sauce since 1968? That’s before the first Aussie Macca’s – in Sydney‘s Yagoona – even opened (1971).

And that’s only four years before the birth of an icon in 1972, when Guinness World Record holder, Don Gorske, ate the first of his 30,000 Big Macs so far (and counting).

If you consider yourself a Big Mac King too, or you’d just love to slather your brekkie in Special Sauce sometimes, and maybe you like to think of yourself as a charitable guy, boyyo do we have the eBay charity auction you’ve been waiting for.

Mickey D’s have put up three 500ml bottles of Big Mac Sauce, and a limited edition Big Mac mini fridge, for an eBay charity auction, starting at 10am today. The auction will go on until 10am Wednesday June 6, with all the proceeds going to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Head HERE at 10am to chuck a bid in – it’s for a bloody good cause.

In the coming weeks, the bottles o’ Big Mac Sauce will receive a broader release, which the poorer among us are pretty keen about – we fully intend to slather every sandwich we make from this point in the stuff. Also vegetables. Carrots are still healthy if I eat ’em with Special Sauce, yeah?

While last year a well publicised hoax claimed you could buy McDonald’s sauces in Coles (DEBUNKED), the last time bottles of the good stuff were truly available was back in early 2016, when they were sold in stores for $4.95 a pop.

In the meantime, this .gif is all of us: