An Ode To The ‘Little Treat’ Bc It’s Low-Key All We Have Going For Us RN

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure ‘little treat’ culture has dominated your feed over the last few months.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

You get the picture? The TikTok hashtag #littletreat has over 27 million views, for heaven’s sake!!

Every man and his dog have proclaimed their love for indulging in a little treat whether it’s after a long day at work or simply for finishing a task they’ve been procrastinating for months.

The little treat usually takes the form of an iced coffee, a lil’ scoop of Ben & Jerry’s gorgine new Sundae’s collection, an almond croissant from a hyped bakery, a $12 protein smoothie or a product like lipstick or nail polish.

They’re usually under $20, can be consumed while walking or fit into your pocket. They’re not an irresponsible splurge in the vein of a full-on retail therapy session, but they are a little bit cheeky — so it makes sense as to why the sentiment has resonated so intensely.

Life is TOUGH for all of us right now. We’ve emerged from the pandemic (which, TBH, I still haven’t fully recovered from), years of political turmoil and catastrophic climate disasters and have landed face-first into an economic and rental crisis. It’s just one considerable stress, and we’ve all had enough.

So, in a world of chaos, the promise of having a little treat at the end of the day is the only speckle of hope. In a world of so much uncertainty, buying yourself the doughnut or the creamy matcha latte is the only thing you can ensure remains in your control. In a world of financial burden, ‘little treats’ don’t have to strain your wallet because they’re little!!!! Little treats are simply an act of radical joy, self-care and resistance during this rough time.

Me every time I see Maybelline lip liner on special at Chemist Warehouse.

So, if you’ve yet to partake in little treat culture, firstly, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And secondly, let me show you how!!!

The next time you’re walking home from the bus stop and you get that little pang that something needs a zhuzh, give in to the feeling. Pop your favourite song, head into the closest convenience store, and cop something a lil’ sweet — like a tub of Ben & Jerry’s bloody phenomenal new Sundae’s flavour Hazelnuttin’ But Chocolate. If you’re simply fanging for some ice cream, you can enter our competition to win a year’s worth of Ben & Jerry’s and trust me, you’ll never go without a little treat again.

C’mon, you know you want to. It’s that easy!! One little decision, and suddenly, all your problems are gone — temporarily, at least.