The travel bubble opening is not the only excellent news coming out of New Zealand today, because our mates across the ditch have also shared a delicious new treat. I’m talking jars of peanut butter with Whittaker’s chocolate swirled through.

This is some illegal decadence and I’m all for it.

Pic’s Peanut Butter has tamed up with NZ cult fave, Whittaker’s Chocolate, in a delicious collab that’s finally hitting Aussie stores: jars of chocolate peanut butter. I have but one question, why has this not been in my life (and on my toast) sooner than now?

The Pic’s X Whittaker’s collab has been around in New Zealand since the start of the year, making the rest of us highly jealous that we couldn’t just nip over and bring back a few jars in our luggage. I mean, just look at this nonsense.

The jars are chock-filled with everything you’d want it to be: crunchy peanuts and a blend of Whittaker’s creamy milk choc and 72% dark choc from Ghana. Finished off with a little sprinkle of salt, and you’ve got a truly mouthwatering jar of spread that I’m 100% going to just eat from the jar with a spoon.

It’s pretty much like a spreadable version of the Whittaker’s Peanut Slab, which I am VERY here for. King of choccies, that.

Also, may I stress this is crunchy peanut butter. Miss me with that smooth peanut butter shit, thank you very much. Crunchy is the best and I’ll hear no arguments. It’s a nut butter, it’s meant to have nuts in it.

More importantly, these new jars of Whittaker’s chocolate and peanut butter (rude, illegal, delicious) can be found right now at your local Coles, and will set you back $9 a pop. From the end of May, you’ll be able to find these yum treats in your local Woolies, too.

Look, sure, it’s a bit more than what I’d normally spend on a jar of PB but this shit is fancy and we all deserve a little treat.

Image: Supplied