Are you known in your circle as a two cruiser loser? A one-shot wonder? A half pint hero? If you’re the lightweight in your friend crew (and honestly there’s no shame in being one, you’ll have a cheaper night than most), you’re about to be perked up by the sudden increase in demand for low-ABV cocktails.

WTF is that, you may ask? Well, if you’re not too fond of three letter acronyms (it’s a confusing world we live in, TBH), what it means is Low Alcohol By Volume – so essentially, these drinks have a lower percentage of alcohol than other drinks.

This means you can consume an equally delicious drink as your mates (sometimes more so, if we’re honest), without going overboard.

Just give it a try next time you’re out and about with your friends; if you don’t feel like getting rowdy then it’s a genuinely viable option to partake in a little low-ABV tipple.

And honestly? If you really are a lightweight (no shame, for real), it’s a way to still join in with the socialisation without going overboard. Drinking safely is massively important and if you’re concerned that your threshold is lower than your mates then it’s a smarter way to keep on top of things.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to practice mindful drinking, or conscious cocktails, this is the kind of bev with which it goes hand-in-hand.

Never heard of conscious cocktails before? Well mates, you are in for a treat – it’s a way of mindfully consuming delicious cocktails (responsibly), and we are ALL ABOUT IT.

If you wanna learn more, pop on in to hear a super special talk at PEDESTRIAN.TV’s Selfish Weekend presented by The House of Angostura and you’ll learn all about cocktail-making and (safely) consuming a bunch of delights created by Angostura Global Ambassador Ray Letoa.

He’s particularly enthusiastic about Low ABV drinks too, saying, “I’ve noticed over Summer more-and-more customers are ordering non-alc or low-ABV drinks. These can be a lighter option for a night out, instead of completely cutting yourself off. Customers are looking to have a good time, without taking it too far.”

Ray is a 10/10 bartender, serving up serious dranks at Wellington’s Roxy Cinema, so we’re stoked to take in his wisdom (and the bevs he makes too pls).

“There has been a huge shift to be more mindful when you’re looking over a menu,” he said, “and consciously making healthier choices – in some cases it will even help you forgo the hangover!”

Wanna try out a cheeky tipple or two in preparation for the event? Look, we don’t blame you at all. Here are two seriously delish drinks from Ray to get you started:

1. Boujee Coogee Sunset

  • 30 mL: Amaro Di Angostura
  • 6 Dashes: Angostura Aromatic Bitters
  • 30 mL: Elderflower Liqueur
  • 15 mL: Lemon Juice
  • 15 mL: Lime Juice
  • 90 – 120 mL: Soda

Method: Press lemon wheels against wall of glass and held with ice, then add all ingredients in order as listed. Too bloody easy.

2. Amaro Swizzle

  • 30 mL: Amaro Di Angostura
  • 30 mL: Lime Juice
  • 30 mL: Ginger Syrup
  • 6-8 Leaves: Mint
  • 90 mL: Soda
  • 4 Dashes: Angostura Aromatic Bitters

Method: Add all ingredients to high ball except Angostura aromatic bitters, fill three quarters full with crushed ice and swizzle, then add Angostura aromatic bitters and top up with crushed ice and garnish.

Selfish Weekend is being held at Sydney’s La Porte Space on the 16th and 17th of March, so hurry up and grab your tickets HERE so you can peep the panel, because frankly we’re all keen to learn how to mix some seriously good cocktails – and have a cheeky sip or two as we go.

Trust us when we say, low-ABV cocktails are a more responsible (and TBH totally delicious) option, so you’ll be in your element.

Image: Instagram / @laurenconrad