Just Gonna Say It: Alizé Was The Ultimate Beveragino & We Need To Give It Some Respect

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I demand that we as a culture put some respect on Alizé ‘s check once again. For some reason, Alizé, in particular, its Gold Passion iteration (the OG blue Alizé) has fallen well out of style in recent years, and it’s honestly nothing short of a huge shame.

In the 90s and 00s, it was a fixture in pop culture — Biggie referenced the drink in his classic track Juicy. Eminem and Dr Dre. shouted it out on Say What You Say. The Weeknd drinks Alizé for breakfast in The Morning. Nas called it out on Illmatic’s Memory Lane.

The list goes on.

The blue bottle harkens to the glistening colour of the Greek Islands. Its font reads like a piece of WordArt you would’ve popped in a PowerPoint presentation in year 2. Its taste can only be described as the perfect marriage between blue jelly snakes and those little poppers of Paradise Punch you’d drink as a kid, blended with vodka.

Combine it with some Sprite and ice, and you’re sipping the ultimate, most delicious pres drink imaginable.



I know I’m not the only one who misses Alizé – this Reddit thread also ponders the age-old question — what happened to Alizé?

“It’s simply not as popular as it was during its heyday from the mid-90s to mid-00s,” said one user.

“Nothing happened to it, it just got less popular, which is likely why you don’t see it,” proclaimed another.

How have we fallen so far from grace? This is not the society I want to live in.

Maybe it was a Western Sydney thing, but Alizé is always a staple of all bar tables at birthday parties. The people of Parramatta haven’t forgotten, so why have you?

Its aura as a brand encompassed the blinged-out mid-00s in every way. It’s symbolic of a time in culture when life was just more carefree. When you’d come home, turn on your colossal TV and watch an episode of Pimp My Ride, listen to some Good Charlotte and then head out.

Considering society and culture at large is so incredibly hung up on all things 2000s-culture at the moment, I’m surprised Alizé hasn’t made a comeback alongside it. If Von Dutch caps and low rise jeans can become cool again, surely our humble blue drink can too.

If I’ve managed to reel you in once again, you can cop a bottle of Alizé for the cool price of just $48.00 at your local Coles Liquor.