After posting an entire rant about 14-days of quarantine being positively ‘insane’, French tennis star Alize Cornet has issued an apology to all of Australia, seeing as most of us (especially Melburnians) have been in lockdown for a LOT longer than that.

Ahead of the Australian Open, Cornet, alongside 71 other players have been put into a forced 14-day quarantine ahead of the game, with extremely limited options to train.

The lockdown was further encouraged by the fact that three planes of players carried positive cases of the Rona, which we would very much not like to spread around, thanks.

“Weeks and weeks of practice and hard work going to waste for one person positive to COVID in a 3/4 empty plane. Sorry but this is insane,” Cornet wrote in a since-deleted Twitter thread.

“We’ve been told that the plane would be separated by a section of 10 people and that if one person of your section was positive, then you had to isolate. Not that the whole plane had to.

“This seems to be a very sensitive subject and I understand it. We are privileged, indeed, but please try to get our point of view too. And btw, I was not in this plane.

“But we are not asking the Victorian residents to play a professional sport afterwards. The risks of injury after a two-week break is huge. Maybe I’m too focused on my side of the story, but that’s also why we are here for.”

This wouldn’t be the first time an Australian Open tennis player has complained about quarantine either, with a few stars taking pics of their questionable-looking food just a couple days ago.

Naturally, Aussies did not take too lightly someone calling a 14-day lockdown ‘insane’, and made Cornet aware of the intense Melbourne experience with COVID isolation rules. Thankfully, Cornet listened instead of arguing, and deleted her tweet, posting an official apology today.

“Don’t be mad at me Aussie people, you’ve always be one of my favorite!” is honestly enough to convince me that she overall means well, and just got caught up in the throes of sharing your opinion online.

If you need me, I’ll be out here petitioning for this year’s tennis matches to be called Australian Closed, because I just think that would be hilarious.

Image: Getty Images / Asanka Ratnayake, Instagram / @alizecornet