Humble Opinions: The Best Whiskies To Kickstart That Collection You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Best whiskeys - Don Draper - Mad Men
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There’s sophisticated drinking, and there are pre-mixes. No hate to the latter, however, if you’re trying to give off connoisseur vibes, then whisky (/ey) is just the ticket — Don Draper style (you know, minus the being a terrible person). Don’t just pick any and run though, oh no, only the best whiskeys will do.

This is why we’ve asked around the office for opinions on the best drop of this brown liquor. You’re welcome.

Starward Twofold Whisky 700mL, $73

“The man at the fancy bottle shop down the road told me this is a very good Australian whisky, and he was right. It’s a really nice, easy-drinking whisky that went down easy, a little too easy, tbh.”
– Josie

Glenfiddich 12 700mL, $69

best whiskies

“Honestly, this is the best bang-for-your-buck single malt scotch you can buy, in my opinion. It’s the perfect representation of what the Speyside region of Scotland has to offer. It’s light, easy to drink and a fantastic option for beginners looking to get into scotch or whisky in general. I get a big hit of green apples on the palate of this one, so if that sounds like something you’re interested in, give this a whirl.”
– Tom

Hibiki Harmony 700mL, $195

best whiskeys

“If you have an appreciation for Japanese whisky and a little extra cash to splash, Suntory’s Hibiki Harmony should be at the top of your to-try list. This is one of the most balanced and nuanced blended whiskies I’ve ever had and tastes like nothing else I’ve tried. It’s beautifully smooth, a little sweet and has a very subtle underlying peat note. A great bottle for a special occasion.”
– Matty

Lagavulin 16 Whisky 700mL, $132

Of all the Islay scotches I’ve tried so far, nothing has beaten Lagavulin 16. It’s boisterously smoky, as you’d expect, but has a complexity that goes beyond your standard peat monsters. Once you get used to the smoke, the underlying lighter, fruitier, floral notes are amazing. I can pick out something new every time I go back for a dram.
– Cam

Redbreast 12 700mL, $99.95

best whiskeys

“Redbreast 12 is my absolute favourite. It’s an Irish whiskey that’s so rich and nuanced despite being low proof. It’s got big creamy butterscotch notes on the palate, with a hint of spiced fruits.”
– Matt H

Pappy Van Winkle 750mL, $3450

best whiskeys

“There was a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle left at work, a 23yo bourbon that sells for, like, $2500. I tried it and it was goddamn delicious. Sweet and smooth and a hint of banana? Anyway, it’s incredible for two reasons: one, it’s very well made, and two, I didn’t have to pay for it.”
– Alex

Overeem Whisky 700mL, $194.99

“I was lucky enough to be given an Overeem Sherry Cask matured bottle a while back and finished it rather dramatically one night just before the first lockdown. It was just so goddam smooth, it was dangerous.”
– Matt R