Heads up to every who loves a bit of the spicy water – nip in ALDI this weekend ‘cos you can cop yourself a big fluffy-drink-making SodaStream from the hallowed ground of the middle aisle.

This weekend’s Special Buys are focusing in on a bunch of very handy eco-friendly homewares like reusable straws and cutlery, beeswax wraps, thermoses and coffee cups, and the sparkling water machine that’ll help you cut down on the number of plastic bottles going back into landfill.

The ones that ALDI will be birthing into the sacred middle aisle are the ones with the button on top, so while you have to get a mild arm workout to get your fizz fix, you can also press it as little or as much as you want. It all depends on how much bubble you like in your spicy water. Me? I want that shit to crackle like PopRocks on my tongue. Gimme so much fizz it makes my mouth hurt a little bit.

ALDI sodastream
It’s….it’s me.

Legit, my old housemate had one of these and it was the best. Having the ability to make fluffy water at home, and the option to make it as fizzy as you want? Fucking magic.

The ALDI SodaStream special kicks off on Saturday, June 20, and comes with a 60L gas cylinder and a one-litre bottle to get your fizz on quick-smart. The setup will set you back a very nice $69.99. And if you want to pick up a couple of spare bottles, ALDI is also slinging two-packs of the one-litre bottles for $9.99 too.

These spicy water machines usually go for over $100, so being able to take one home for a tight $70? It’s a bloody steal. I’ve honestly been waiting for these things to go on some kind of sale for months, and now it’s time to strike while the iron’s hot and the water’s all fuzzy. Be quick though, I bet these will sell like bloody hotcakes.

Image: SodaStream