Human Yawn Dave Sharma Has Lost His Seat Of Wentworth To Teal Independent Allegra Spender


Liberal MP Dave Sharma has lost his marginal seat to teal independent Allegra Spender in bougie Sydney seat of Wentworth.

She’s one of several teal independents backed by the Climate 200 fund and campaigning on policies of climate action and more accountability in politics to unseat Liberals in typically blue seats.

Wentworth in particular was true Liberal heartland so this win signifies a huge shift.

It has traditionally been a conservative seat and even belonged to ex-PM Malcolm Turnbull, but this election Sharma held on by a tiny 1.9 per cent margin.

In the lead-up to election day the polls were suggesting Allegra Spender had a good shot at taking the win and yes, it’s been an absolute teal bath.

There was an 8 per cent swing to Spender whop picked up 56 per cent of the vote compared to Sharma’a 43 per cent.

She didn’t entirely claim victory late on Saturday night but in a speech she said a new era was coming.

“It is a victory for the community and what we have achieved together – there is still prepolling and polling to be counted, and while it’s looking good, not everything has been counted,” she said.

“But it’s a victory for the community movement around the country. We stand for the future, not for the past. You’ve given up shouting at the television, the negativity and the spin. You’ve all invested in the democracy of the country.”

Spender is a well-known local who residents say embodies the Wentworth area. She is daughter of fashion designer Carla Zampatti and former Liberal MP John Spender. Her grandfather Sir Percy Spender was also a politician in the Menzies government.

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