Win A Luxe $10k Trip To Cabo, Mexico, To Rub Shoulders With The Rich & Famous

Chums, it’s high time you had a holiday. I’m calling it, I make the rules. You need a break; a nice little departure from the hum-drum drudgery of your regular day-to-day programming. You can all tell your bosses that I give you permission.

And if you’re gonna go gallivanting all over the world, we’ve got somewhere in mind you may not have thought of – but hoo boy, you probs should.

Whack your details in here and tell us why Cabo is your ultimate vacay destination for your chance to win two return airfares from your closest Aussie capital to Cabo and then a sweet five nights’ accommodation at The Cape (this is worth $10,000 AUD so I mean, GIVVUS).


Not too sure what the go is with Cabo beyond the fact that the beaches look like they’ve been photoshopped, and that Adam Levine got hitched right there at an organic farm? S’all good, I’m here to show you the ropes.

Cabo is a 2.5 hour flight from LA (basically just three eps of Riverdale, so NBD), is comprised of the towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, and is the celebrity capital of Mexico. For real, this is where all the famously attractive people go because it’s so highbrow and luxe, so clearly we belong there (ahem, give me my moment).

If you win yourself this lil’ getaway you’ll be spending days watching hotties catch waves at the Cape Hotel (while you crack into your free crystal bottle of Tequila) as well as chowing down on the deliciousness that is Mexican, Peruvian and Japanese food at Manta.

Seriously though, from swimming with the big bois of the sea (whale sharks in La Paz) to hiking down a canyon to a hot spring, Cabo is going to keep you v. v. busy. Plus there are some killer reefs and sightseeing shiz to see, so you’ll always have something to do in between dips in the ocean.

Obviously there’s partying too – the Omnia Dayclub Los Cabos is a literal haven of relaxation, drinks and good lookers. But we vote you check out the Sunset Monalisa Restaurant too, at sunset, because it’ll seriously change your Insta game – bless your eyeballs with how ridiculously luxe it is.

How’s the serenity? Image: Supplied.

Then you’ve got the rooftop at the Cape, and you can sip cocktails at La Revolucion before finishing off the day with Mezcal and tacos at La Lupita. Just shove them directly into my waiting mouth, I will do whatever you ask for a taco or two.

And hey, if it’s good enough for Kristin Cavallari, it’s good enough for us.