WATCH: A Baby Boomer Location Scout & His Millennial Assistant Do The NT

location scout

We can argue who’s ruining the world more – millennials or baby boomers – until the ice caps melt, but what’s the point? A) We already know it’s the baby boomers, and B) we should really be aiming to put our differences aside and work together.

And in fact, that’s exactly what a couple of Aussies did. On their trip up to the Northern Territory, baby boomer Steve Grogan, an experienced Location Scout, brought his newly-hired, millennial assistant Morgan Marshall along to scope out some picturesque spots for an upcoming flick, Top End Wedding.

Have a gander at the pair trying to hash out their age-gap and become a solid team here:

Alright so even though they seem to have genuine chemistry, Morgan and Steve’s overall dynamic is so scarily accurate that any millennial or baby boomer would watch this and cringe as they remember an encounter they’ve had before that’s essentially the exact same.

Genuinely, even Morgan saying that the job just “kinda landed in my lap and I needed a break from, you know, whatever” is exactly how I picture baby boomers describing millennials to each other at their secret baby boomer meetings, or whatever it is they do.

Anywho, you can watch the rest of the episodes of Location Scouts RIGHT BLOODY HERE and you can get Steve and Morgan’s personal recommendations about where to go in the Northern Territory here.