Virgin’s Flogging 300,000 Flights For As Little As $69, So You Can Finally Do That Bryon Trip

The time for post-lockdown bargain flights is finally upon us, and Virgin Australia is the first cab (plane?) off the rank with 300,000 massively discounted tickets up for grabs this afternoon – Thursday, January 14 from 4:00pm until 11:00pm, to be specific.

By cheap, we mean really fkn cheap. Think ‘Sydney to Byron for $69’ cheap. Click here to see for yourself.

The best part is that all bookings made in January, February or March are completely flexible, meaning you are free to change your travel dates to as late as June 30. In other words, you can cop the discount right now, and then sort out your time off work (and adjust your flights accordingly) later on.

“With a vaccine on the way, coupled with the fantastic way Australians have managed the pandemic, we’re optimistic that border restrictions will be lifted in the not-too-distant future,” Virgin Australia spokesperson said.

“Our extended flexibility will help to give travellers the confidence they need to make a booking and plan that long-awaited holiday or family reunion, knowing that the booking is protected.”

With that sweet, sweet COVID-19 jab set to be rolled out next month, domestic travel more tantalisingly close than it has been for the past 10 months.

Melburnians are particularly lucky this time around, with heaps of the bargain routes departing/arriving in the Victorian capital. After this shocker of a year, you lot have earned it more than anyone.

“We’re offering fares from $69 including checked baggage, seat selection, and Velocity Points, to help the tourism industry rebound and recover, and get Aussies back in the sky to explore our wonderful country,” the Virgin spokesperson added.

Here’s a just a few of the redhot bargains that are up for grabs:

  • Sydney – Byron Bay from $69 one-way
  • Melbourne – Launceston from $75 one-way
  • Melbourne – Newcastle from $79 one-way
  • Melbourne – Adelaide from $90 one-way
  • Melbourne – Hobart from $95 one-way
  • Brisbane – Melbourne from $129 one-way
  • Melbourne – Cairns from $159 one-way
  • Perth – Darwin from $189 one-way

These prices will apply to dates between January 18 and June 5, but you can of course change your mind down the track.

Remember to get in quick. Not only is the offer only available on Thursday, January 14, but it also only applies to the first 300,000 tickets.

You can check out the Virgin Australia sale right here.