Virgin Australia Drops 500,000 Cheap Flights For Black Friday So Schedule Your Sickie ASAP

Rest in peace to my bank account and my manager, who’s about to get bombarded with leave requests ‘cos Virgin Australia has dropped a banging sale for Black Friday.

Folks who have been bitten by the travel bug can now access a sale on more than half a million flights through Virgin Australia’s Black Friday sale. And get this: the cheapest fare starts from 49 buck-a roos.

Punters can cop a bunch of cheap-ass flights for travel in between January 10, 2024 and June 20, 2024. As for the destinations? Well, as Cady Heron once said in Mean Girls, “the limit does not exist”.

What I’m trying to say is that there’s a plethora of destinations that are up for grabs within this air fare bonanza.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the places you can touch down in with a cheap-as-chips fare.

Domestic Destinations

The cheapest flight that punters can grab is a one-way ticket from Sydney to Ballina from $49. If you’re not feeling a Byron Bay getaway, Sydneysiders can also escape to the Sunshine Coast from $69, or Gold Coast from $79, Hobart from $85 or Adelaide from $129.

Folks in Melbourne can cop a one-way ticket to Launceston from $59. But if you’re not in the mood for Tassy vibes, Melburnians can fly to Adelaide from $99, or Canberra from $109 or Gold Coast from $115.

If you want a more tropical scene, flights from Melbourne to Hamilton Island start at $139 and to Cairns, fares start from $145.

(Image source: Getty Images / Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg)

Folks who are looking for sale fares from Perth can cop a one-way ticket to Darwin from $219 and a cheeky little flight from Canberra coast starting at $109.

International Destinations

Here we go. These are the big ones (not that Australia has boring destinations, but we do love being Mr/Ms Worldwide where we can).

If you’re itching for some sushi in Japan, return flights from Cairns to Tokyo start from $679! What a bloody bargain. Looking for a different ~vibe~? Sydney to Queenstown fares start from $435 — return BTW.

Other golden deals, all return tickets, include Gold Coast to Denpasar from $449, Adelaide to Denspar from $449, Brisbane to Nadi from $509, Brisbane to Queenstown from $509, Brisbane to Vanuatu from $569 and so much more.

Just like the State of Origin, it seems like Queensland won this sale.

And with the dates spanning from Jan to June, you can basically spend each weekend at a different location.

Like that saying: catch flights, not feelings!

The Virgin Australia Black Friday sale is now live and runs up until Tuesday, November 28, unless seats sell out prior to the end date.

Better lock in those annual leave dates ASAP.